Why choose SuccessFinder
for your educational institution?

Performance predictions

Reveal career paths where each student can honestly flourish using data that is industry-true.


Understand your cohort dynamics like never before, and use the data for work throughout the curriculum.

Meet Expectations for Coaching

Offer your students an opportunity to build sound development plans that meet expectations that they are in your program to grow.


That you are using evidence-based, industry-proven assessments adds to the rigor and credibility you want in meeting repeated demand for greater focus on soft skills and emotional intelligence.

How does it work ?

We set you up to be autonomous experts and in control of delivering the experience on all fronts and on 3 straightforward steps:

  1. It all begins with a single assessment effortlessly done from anywhere.
  2. The students and program leaders immediately receive detailed, customized reports that set the stage for coaching, course integrations or other activities of your choosing.
  3. Provide students with data-backed insights that you build from our reports and your program goals.
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Less instinct.
More insight.

1 single assessment

composed of 340 forced-choice questions to be
done in 45 minutes on any device


85 behavioral traits

analyzed to identify the respondent’s behavioral style, highlight strengths
and points of development and leading to a framework of 26 behavioral competencies

35 career interests

measured to display natural preferences

Detailed Assessment Data

only our measures give your data worthy of deep coaching feedback

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