Why choose SuccessFinder
for your Financial services organization?

Performance predictions

Increase ROI by selecting high performers.


Pick the candidates that fit your organization’s culture to reduce turnover.


Improve onboarding thanks to better understanding of personality.


Make hiring decisions using valid and science-backed data.

Clients we’ve helped

iA Financial Group
Énergie NB Power

How does it work ?

  1. It all begins with a single psychometric assessment
  2. Qualify candidates based on unique KPIs
  3. View results and select candidates in an easy-to-use dashboard
  4. Streamline next-steps like interviews or onboarding with a clear candidate report
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Money saved

Money gained

Time saved

How many employees in your organization?

Less instinct.
More insight.

Back your hiring decisions
with 50 years of I/O psychology

1 single assessment

composed of 340 forced-choice questions to be
done in 45 minutes on any device


85 behavioral traits

analyzed to identify the respondent’s personality, highlight strengths
and points of development and targeted against  26 behavioral competencies

35 career interests

measured to display natural preferences

Millions of unique combinations

because each person is unique

Identify the right
candidate for the position

Coach them to
become even better

address candidates’ potential blind spots and develop their strengths

Tips on how to improve competitiveness:

  • When you feel pressured under competitive situations, run a “mental video” of positive images. Visualize the times you’ve faced challenges in the past and came out on top.
  • Take stock of your competitive abilities and qualities. Compare yourself to competitive individuals you admire and respect. List the things you could do to develop similar traits.
  • When you do compete, ensure you don’t sacrifice what is right to gain competitive advantage.

They chose SuccessFinder and they saw results

SuccessFinder is easy to use and see, very fast, the link between who you have in front of you and their potential to successfully occupy a new role.

Genevieve Fortier
Former SVP, Human Resources and Public Affairs

After seeing the level of accuracy and completeness of SuccessFinder, I truly believed that we could uncover the recipe for success that characterizes our top performers. And that was the case.

Johnny Roy
VP Sales
iA Financial Group

We reviewed some 40 tools that are in the marketplace and what really distinguished SuccessFinder from the competition is the definition around the traits is very specific.

Pelly Shafto
VP HR & Organizational Development
Morrison Hershfield

We’ve used SuccessFinder for over a decade to make talent decisions. I can’t imagine running my organization without it.

Gaetan Thomas
Former CEO
Énergie NB Power

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